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Shevek's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[24 Nov 2008|05:27am]
Plans for this week:

Work, work, work, work.

Monday night: Death Guild. Some of us are meeting up beforehand at 8pm, please speak to me privately, or just see you there.

Work, work. Work. Fencing. Work.

Saturday daytime: Dickens Fair. Plan ahead, get a $3 discount ticket from the counter of your local Longs or whatever. I think you get $5 off if you take BART. There's no pre-meeting, but there are ride-shares available.

Sunday morning: Leave SFO for IAD.
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[24 Nov 2008|07:56am]
I have been looking for a sensibly priced ADAT to AES converter for a long time. Two days ago, I found one: http://www.aphex.com/144.htm - gbp320 ex vat. Compare that to the prices of the ADI RME-8-DD or RME-192-DD, which has a four-digit price tag, or even the Alesis AI-4, if you can find one. I suspect this will neatly wrap up the integration between the 328XD, the EQs and my Lexicon outboards without using any analogue signals.
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[24 Nov 2008|11:23pm]
Am in the DNA lounge. It is brilliant! 'nuff sed.
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