November 17th, 2008

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Do you know where your name comes from and what it means? What language is it from? How old is it? Does it have a family history? Why did your parents choose the name? If you're lucky enough to be able to ask them, then do. Were you named at birth or afterwards? Or if you chose your own name, what is the before-and-after story?

If you know, please reply and tell.

If you don't want to tell, please say why not.

This isn't about compiling a dictionary, it's about discovering the individual stories behind names and the personal meanings to you. And here is my story:

I like my name, but I prefer not to use it, and that it not be generally known. It's near the end of the alphabet, and the story that was told to me by my mother is: My father rejected every option, and there was great debate. My brother's name is at the beginning of the alphabet because my father didn't want to go through the list again. I don't know how true that is!

Please feel free to link to this post, and try to tell an interesting story when you do.