November 12th, 2008

silver corset

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The power dips and the lights hum. Switchmode power supplies have negative resistance. The piece of paper on which I wrote my last serious LJ post has reappeared on the floor; it was headed paper from Continental airlines. I wrote the one before that on the back of a sick-bag. The room is dominated by the largest domestic projector I have ever seen. It has a flight case, on which is balanced an Ikea table, upon which in turn are two reams of paper supporting the projector. It all looks highly unstable.
silver corset

Organising the next TechAdventure

I spoke to a few people at Hackers in the USA, and it's given me a real boost, so I'm about to start organising the next TechAdventure. The date will be February 28th, and I'm looking for people to help with publicity, liaison and organisation on the day. I suspect we'll have a mailing list real soon now. Kicking this off is going to take me a few days of hard work, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Consider being webmaster, listmaster, contact point for an organisatio or group of organisations, or ...?