Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Wrong place wrong time. I was passing two lads in an otherwise empty street when I was abruptly surrounded by screaming policemen. "Stand still!" they shouted. The two most vocal instances approached rapidly on foot from behind me, but there was also a van from my right and a van from my left - quite a serious show of force.

I decided in the moment that if I had done anything this morning, the local force couldn't know about it yet, so I stood still. It turned out not to be me they wanted, but the other two lads, and the previous shouting was followed by a round of "Drop the bag" to them, and "Move on quickly" to me. At least they didn't try "Nothing to see here," which was patently false, although by that time I wasn't in any mood to hang around.

The girls in the flower shop on the corner were very kind a few minutes later, and said I looked terrified. I suppose I must have done.
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