July 21st, 2003

silver corset

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I have written a driver for the Denon CD player and made it available from CPAN. It's a beautiful piece of kit. I still have two or three commands left to implement (some of the Q-subchannel stuff, the TOC data handling, and the internal volume faders). It all seems to work beautifully. I'm very tempted to write a GUI that lets you put CDs in, gets all the information about them from th internet, and then lets you select a playlist (like xmms) which it plays back from CD. I think I'm going to use it to index all of my CD collection, since I can leave it loading and unloading CDs and downloading CDDB data overnight, then I will sell it. It's a shame, because it's a beautiful toy. But it is 6U high, it's 23Kg, and I frankly don't have the use for this type of equipment.

Is there anyone here who wants a computer controlled 200-CD dual player? It would be ideal for holding a secure music library in a public place (the front locks with a key), for doing nonstop or automated mixing (it has 2 turntables and inbuilt mixer) or just wants a geek living room ornament. It might even work as a CD-ROM jukebox, but I haven't tried the SCSI ports yet.

In minor news, I think I've sold the RS232 mixer. It looks as if we should be able to read the EPROM with no trouble, and it can wait. I'll probably advertise the zone mixer for sale, but if nobody buys it, I'll use it as a poor man's line balancer since it has RCA inputs and XLR outputs. Shame about the VCAs in the middle. Shame also because it's brand new, they cost about 250 quid, but it's too specialist for anyone to actually want to buy it. I should have spent the afternoon sewing, but no, I spent it making up XLR cables. Oh well.

I mustn't post any more geek crap. This means I probably won't post at all for months.