December 31st, 2002

silver corset

I was a friend of Jamis

I have read now in many journals now, "reddragdiva and redcountess party". All, "I was there," or "I wish I could have been there," "These people were there and I knew them," and it was nagging me for what it brought back to me. The sentence, "I was a friend of Jamis," spoken by Muad'Dib after he killed Jamis in single combat, was carved so deep into the tradition of the Fremen people that not speaking it at the death, even for the killer, was considered to bring bad luck. It was the obligatory obituary. Perhaps we are not so different from these people of Frank Herbert's myth who lived and died by the knife. Perhaps it is important for any people to stand up and say of each other, "I was a friend," and "I met a friend," whether explicitly required by a tradition or a simple greeting between "friends". I was a friend of reddragdiva and redcountess. I was there. I would be a friend to others who were there who perhaps I did not know or perhaps I did not meet. My thoughts trail off around there