December 22nd, 2002

silver corset

Annoyed at slow systems and comments on work.

I've been putting it off for ages but it's really getting to the point where I have to rebuild some (probably two) of my desktops. This has something to do with the sheer age of the software they're running after not rebooting for several years. (I'm not sure how many because the clocks all wrapped around to zero and claim only a few months uptime) Upgrading them is probably a dead loss, might as well wipe and restart.

Hopefully newer software will make them several times faster without actually touching the hardware. I mean X 3.3.2 was never considered fast.

I've been putting this off for months. Having thought this again today, I'll probably put it off again. I'm lazy like that.

*ponders Slack or Gentoo*

The result of this will be me spending Chrimbo playing with windowmanagers instead of doing any actual work. (Slight UserFriendly moment: Windowmanagers? Work? What is difference?)
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