October 16th, 2002

silver corset

Nick confusion

I have a nick that resembles that of another user on IRC to the point where people who are not expecting to see a similar nick mistake my identity. So I have this problem: Do I change my nick to something which avoids confusion but in some sense isn't really me? Or do I hope that any confusion settles down in a week or so?

While I appreciate the local precedence rules and think that they're very important, I've also tried to invest in my own identity on the internet for a long time now and use this name in many significant forums.

I hope and pray that the confusion will settle down in a couple of days. Otherwise I bite the bullet.
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silver corset

Extreme programming

I'm currently (as I write this) halfway through a new extreme programming experiment (yes, I'm bunking off while the client goes to hunt down more specs). The job is pretty simple, I don't know how close to XP it comes. I'm working with the client who is specifying on the fly as I code. It's not a bad way to work, it does mean 100% concentration though since it's under observation.

I've done this before with other programmers, both local and remote, it can work really well. I also once did extreme mathematics (well, game theory), where the two of us had to find an equilibrium in a situation with many computer participants. So instead of writing miles of code, we sat down with two pencils and one piece of paper and proved the solution.

It's fun, mostly because I get to code so fast, and I like working fast.

This is a surreal post.
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silver corset

Today's match

I so couldn't fence today. I got taken for a total ride in my first two fights, and I got instructions from the captain to just timewaste in the third, since he could take the last guy on fairly easily. Actually, a few of us had really bad days that match.

So later it turned out that we had about 10 more intermediates in the new club intake than we thought we had, a few advanceds, I'm probably going to be demoted to third place on the epee team, and I'm guessing our old third place man will move to sabre. We'll see how it pans out when everybody settles down in the year and gets back in practise. I might have a chance of staying number 2, it depends if I can get my own consistency high enough to merit it.

I'll work on it. I did better at Plymouth last Sunday.
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