October 14th, 2002

silver corset

I (nearly) finished a cloak

Well, I nearly finished it. It only took me about 8 or 10 hours work overall, and I've ended up with a really nice forest green double cloak in heavy wool blanket for a friend of mine who is an archer. I'd love to have one myself, but I don't know if I could put that much effort into doing something I've done already. Hopefully people will ask me to make them different things.

It's a change from just doing clubwear - now I have to work with colours. Before I could just make anything using materials I have in stock because I only needed anything in black. Now I get asked for green, blue, ochre, I don't keep these colours lying around because I never wear them.

On my list I have about four more cloaks for other people, from plain cotton or blanket to some really beautiful shimmer satin which changes colour between reds and blues as it moves. After that I'll probably go back to doing clubwear tops or corsetry.
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