Shevek (shevek) wrote,

It's madness. It's craziness. They're all mad. I'm all mad. It's all crazy. Here I am getting on a plane again. I haven't even packed (which is somewhat normal), and I have no more idea of what I'm doing than I usually have. There's a phone, a passport, and $200 in cash on the table here and that's me set.

What makes this trip a little different is that we now have an office manager (maybe wrong title) who is a star, although I'm a little terrified by her efficiency. So instead of just muddling along as usual, there are actual arrangements waiting for me.

I think when we got funding, I had the idea that I'd be a little freer to talk about what's going on. Was I wrong. I'll try to post about things after they officially happen, by which time everyone knows anyway, so there's not much point.

Oh well.

P.S. I always try to reply to comments because I appreciate the opportunity for human conversation. I haven't had the time to do that recently. I'm sorry.
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