Shevek (shevek) wrote,

On a shelf, in an office, I found a copy of the ARPANET Directory, which was a book listing every single person and computer on the ARPANET (precursor to the modern internet), because it was small, back then.

I still think documents like this from the early history of the internet are magical. The non-historians might be interested to observe that there are no dots in hostnames - there was no DNS, so this directory was the only way to find a host or a user. Also, note that the early network addresses were in the 10.* range (now rfc1918 range) and were converted from IMP numbers A/B as 10.A.0.B - before even any concept of classful addressing. Also, another page which listed the servers also listed what operating system they were running - lots of TOPS-20 and TENEX systems, UNIX had about a dozen installations and there was as yet only one manufactured by HP!

Edit: I've met an IMP. I've also dug up a whole load of other interesting internet history, and been lucky enough to meet a great many of the people involved. I don't generally post it, because a lot of it is personal communication which I don't care to repeat, but if people are interested, I can try to post more?
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