Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I'm at hackerdojo. Someone just called to say they've won half a million dollars in the NASA lunar robotics competition, and are on their way here. Nobody thought to ask them to bring booze. I got shown the most beautiful and detailed 3d maps of Mars, constructed from stereo imaging technology, and there is (was, until we ate it) fresh bread. The fridge is full of carrots marked "eat me", which we have also been doing. My code's coming on nicely.

Yesterday, someone said Covenant were playing at DNA Lounge, so I went on spec. I was in the front row on the balcony, although I suspect next time I'll be in the mosh pit. I learned that shoes on telephone wires means "crack for sale". At the bottom end of Harrison where I fence, I counted no fewer than five pairs on one side of one block. Venetian Snares are playing next week; I'm not sure how much abuse of Elgar I can tolerate.
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