Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Catching up with my notes.

Growing up in England, I knew that all roads went somewhere, or there wouldn't be a road; and that curly private estates only happened on children's play mats. As I landed in Washington DC, I learned that they happened in real life, too. I also knew that houses don't have white picket fences and horses in the front garden; those only happen in Barbie. But in Maryland, they do. Why is our childrens' world manufactured in china, but modelled on Washington DC?

I was in DC.

He's late. What is it about the English that lets us believe, after years of experience, that public transport ever runs on time? At least it beats waiting in the middle east for a bus which might not even exist!

This one is odd. I can't remember who or even where he was any more.
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