Shevek (shevek) wrote,

It's quite hard to just finish work and go to sleep. Even at this time in the morning, I feel that I have to sit for a little while and wind down before I can just conk out.

Today is my last day in England. I wish I had a few more, to do all the things I haven't done. But I have had a list of things to do for so long now, and it never shrinks. Perhaps leaving has really focused my mind on what needs doing and what I can live without.

Living out of a suitcase is uncomplicated. At the end of every day, one just throws everything back in the suitcase and moves on. Home is created by putting the toothbrush on the washstand, designating a corner for one's dirty clothes and turning the TV to face the bed; and home is demolished by sweeping all remains into a waste paper basket and handing the card back to reception.

The business news is promising. We shall see next week.
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