Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I suppose, after yet another impassive technical post, I should try to explain what has happened recently. It might remain impassive, but at least it's an attempt.

I broke the suspension in my car the day I was meant to leave for the national championships. In the end, I hired a van, took all the kit up and DJ'd and ran tech, which all worked very nicely (except for me pressing the wrong button at one point).

I'm determined to regain my fitness. I've been very poor since I left Israel about two months ago, with assorted injuries and too much work, and I need to keep in training for various reasons of health. Yesterday I swam a kilometre, which I haven't done since I was quite young, and today I fenced.

Later this month I have a few conventions and events, at which I hope to meet friends (yes, you), something I badly need to do more of at the moment. Following which, hopefully in September or October, I will leave the country for a while. Stuff.
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