Shevek (shevek) wrote,

A taxi pulled up and and the driver shouted "Nahariyya?" Someone shouted back, "Eser shekel?" checking that the fare was to be the bus fare, not the taxi fare. The driver replied, with correct grammar. I was too slow and ended up wedged over the hump between an enormous yeshiva bocher with an odour, and an inoffensive youth who seemed to regret being there nearly as much as I did.

Nobody spoke, and the radio hissed and crackled. We left Ma'alot at 120kph, and I found myself mentally urging the Mercedes in front, "Pull over. Can't you see we're a TAXI?" The bus arrived in Nahariyya shortly after we did. It was empty, and pulled by a tow-truck. Perhaps I made the right decision after all.

The kebab shop in the square made a competitive entry for the greasiest shwarma ever, and I wrapped myself as I walked back to Amidar, closely followed by the bus. The wheels on my bag squeak at the resonant frequency of all the dogs in the neighbourhood, and eventually faces start appearing over gates. I carry the bag instead.

Kids are marauding the streets with water pistols. Even A has one in the shape of a man doing an obscene thing to an elephant. L says it's a good thing she hasn't learned to point it at people yet. She drives us crazy in other ways. I heard L translate "Paddington Bear" for her, but "Bears is extra, sticky bears is twice as much" came out as "dov im k'tsefet", which is "bears with cream on", not quite as Michael Bond had it. I'm still impressed.
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