Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Unknown person or persons in our house have taken to constructing peculiar, continuous works of art around the outside of empty toilet roll tubes. I've been rather enjoying them, although it's tricky to know where on the circle to start. I suspect several hands have been at work.

I got a parking ticket as I was setting up in London on Saturday, it was largely responsible for the ruin of my day. The more I think about it (having calmed down), the more I think it was out of order, so I have written to the agency.

To calm myself down, I wrote a lot of software in a corner. This is looking to have been a success - more news soon. A friend and I redid the UI design concept yesterday and I'm a lot happier now.

Yesterday, my osteopath plugged me into his medical computer, pondered for a while, and said "Ooh, I didn't know it had that light. I'm going to have to look that up." Either I have serious arrhythmia or I'm dead.

I haven't unpacked from London, never mind started packing for my flight to Tel Aviv today. I will panic soon.

More later.

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