Shevek (shevek) wrote,

A photographer has booked a visit to my house to take pictures of my computers. They're going to be famous. I wonder if I can get famous as a hanger-on to my collection. Perhaps if I suck up to it enough. I know there are others around with interesting collections, I will be asking you in due course.

I've been invited to some more "do"s. These involve going to a hotel, doing a lot of work for a couple of days, and arguing over the bar tab (and other expenses). I haven't even had time to deal with the output of the last one yet. I seem to be getting involved with a very enjoyable but extremely intense set of security conferences. These have been made simpler by the pronouncement that the organiser pays [much of] the bar tab. This doesn't affect me greatly since I don't drink, so I gave my bar ticket to shadow_jess as a souvenir.

Somebody wants my thesis in 1 page. For those unfamiliar with it, it's about 200 pages of theoretical computation. I could probably bullet point the names of the results in 1 page. I thought my last 16 slide presentation was brief. Anything shorter would be a masterpiece of omission.

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