Shevek (shevek) wrote,

We survived the first day of the run. I missed a few cues, due to the tech tower being in a position from which we cannot see the stage (Yes, we advised them of this beforehand and suggested alternatives, but we were told it would be fine), and the main piste being too dark (because the truss is higher than designed, yes we advised them when they changed spec on site, they now deny receiving advice...).

Someone's re-rigged our flag hoist so the flags are no longer in the light. The network broke because somebody turned off the switch. The network password will not work if typed on the wrong keyboard layout. The dancers brought only one copy of their backing track, and the CD was scratched to hell; luckily I have cdparanoia and managed to recover it in time. Also, if I'm not told to bring certain things before I (say) fly to a foreign country, it's likely that I won't have, and won't be able to obtain them once there. This includes the Radetsky March.

On the up-side, the MC is great, and gives great verbal cues to the techs without being obvious. He also had the right Russian national anthem, whereas the organisers gave us three copies of the Glinka, which is no use at all. Shame we can't see what's going on, I suppose. M spends most of his time leaning off the balcony telling me when to push buttons. To top that, we were approached by someone who was about to build a wall around the tech tower because "What's going on next to us (in the control area) is sensitive, doncherkno." What are WE going to do with it? We're so far past giving a damn that you can't even see us from there.

In lieu of actually quitting, I played Rick Astley as interval music. I don't think anybody noticed. I have more Rick Astley for tomorrow.
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