Shevek (shevek) wrote,

This event needs an urgent moratorium on some activities, including but not limited to:
* Telling the riggers how to rig.
* Telling the lampies how to focus.
* Telling the sparkies how to do power.

In addition to that, I suspect a dictionary for consultancy language might not go amiss:
* "suggest" - have a very good reason for not doing it this way.
* "advise" - do it this way.
* "recommend" - do it this way or else.
* "difficult" - expensive, probably very expensive.
* "expensive" - you can't afford it.
* "day rate" - see "expensive".

Phrases which have also been heard on this job, but aren't necessarily common:
* "77KW" - less than 90KW, by quite a lot. Also, verging on expensive.
* "common reference point" - where all your measurements should be made from
* "in the wrong place" - move it BEFORE you lay any more cable or you're f**ked
* "8.6m" - less than 11m. See also "in the wrong place" and "77KW"
* "industrial coffee machine" - a device for turning 77KW into 67KW.
* "no" - no. Also, you are now in deep trouble, whether you realise it or not.

If we can all agree on this standard definition of terms, we will be able to communicate more effectively.
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