Shevek (shevek) wrote,

... and then suddenly, without notice, winter ended and summer began. It took the old house a couple of days to notice the bright skies and warm airs - subconsciously at first: opening a window to let in some fresher air, hiding under one duvet instead of two, and not huddling up so close to the heat in the common room. We hesitated as a group, unsure whether this was a false dawn or whether the warm was here to stay. L beat me to hanging the first load of washing outside; I washed mine first but she woke up early. Over the hedges, another washing line is also heavy. But they hung theirs all winter, much good that it did them.

I am outside now, standing in the shade and squinting into the unaccustomed light. Most of the doors are open but some of the windows are still covered against the chill night air. Yesterday there was a desert haze over the hills in the distance, but today is soft but clear. A black and white cat stalks through the brambles, moving surprisingly fast for the little noise he makes, and a wisp of cirrus is the only smudge on the blue sky. It is the season of mornings, of changing the tapestries in the common room for summer colours, of welcoming the warm wind as it touches my skin. The bare trees are sprouting tender buds and a huge bumblebee hovers over a warm rock.

Another summer is another opportunity, and we must make the best of it while it lasts.
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