Shevek (shevek) wrote,

This has been a week of ups and downs.

I lost a friend. I've not managed to write about it, and I'm not likely to do so for a while. Hopefully when I go to Europe, those of us who are left will have a get-together.

I gained a relative, she weighs 6lbs 13ozs.

I gave a guest lecture, where I got the students to be attackers and security engineers, and helped them reinvent the last 40 years of security technology in an hour's game.

I went to Ireland. Possibly the less said about that, the better, notwithstanding that I'll probably have to go back again.

I went to a meeting, where I met a lot of well spoken gentlemen in suits. I talked mostly about elephants, while some other people did more important things.

More has happened, but I don't post this, I'll just get quiet again and it'll never appear.
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