Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I had to physically remove a CD drive from my system in order to get Gnome 2.4 to load. I mean, yes, the drive had a hardware failure, and soon I will convince Plextor to RMA it, but previously the system had just left that drive alone, dying in its corner. Actually, I removed 13 drives, having decided that there's a sanity threshold. I'm a little annoyed because my Exabyte died too. I wonder if Sun will RMA it without a support contract.

Tonight I present on digital radio for the first time. I think the easiest way to do this in the future is to record the mix on my own kit at home, then just play the recording, since it's pretty tricky to drive both the broadcast desk and the DJ desk at the same time, especially as they're in different studios. Also, their Denon decks aren't as easy to mix with as the Pioneers, and I'm lazy. This arrangement would also save me asking for the recordings of the show from the logging box since I'd already have a clean recording.

This assumes forward planning.

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