Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Now that I've woken up less contemplative after not nearly enough sleep, I'm just making notes.

Having a language barrier with a taxi driver who only spoke "international English". "Go into the hotel courtyard" became "Go to the Courtyard Hotel," which was not what I wanted. The attitude towards traffic lights is terrifying, but does make SOME commercial sense: In London, if I wanted to keep to the law, I can drive myself. If I REALLY want to get to Heathrow in under 20 minutes, I call the local immigrant-in-a-beamer minicab service and OFF we GO!

The never ending search for a PIE-STAND! HOW many people asked me "What is a pie-stand?" It's a stand with pies on it. The hotel provides them at irregular intervals and random locations, and the trick is to steal it and take it into the conference room before they clear it away. This hotel were in no hurry to clear up, unlike say the Dusseldorf Hilton, but the continual search became an entertaining joke.

Perhaps more later.

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