Shevek (shevek) wrote,

One entire wall of my office is whiteboard from floor to ceiling. So, we can have whiteboard humour.

I came in here with a senior manager, picked up a pen and started writing on the wall. His face fell, I don't think I've seen anyone look quite so serious so suddenly... anyway, it turned out he didn't KNOW it was a whiteboard and thought I was drawing on the paintwork.

Later, I was presenting to a very senior manager, who became slightly amused when I RAN OUT of whiteboard, even given an entire wall. Perhaps when I have an office again, I will have all the walls made up as whiteboard, it's actually quite cool. I was supposed to be talking business and product concepts, but my love for technology showed, and I liked him even more when I discovered he also reads xkcd. I then explained things using xkcd cartoons as analogies.

I'm flying tomorrow night. I asked for a "small, Japanese" car at the rental company, and the 2.5 tonne Dodge tractor they gave me has managed admirably, doing an abominable 16 miles to the (american) gallon, and getting left behind by 1989 Toyotas at every traffic lights. I say let GM go bust. Anyone who makes a bus like this deserves it. I will attempt to express some measure of my disgust to the rental company on the way out.

My brain is simply shattered, so I'm not writing very coherently.
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