Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I am in Washington DC.

The black coach says, "If you park yo'self at middle distance, yo' ass goin' get abUSED."

The Russian coach says, "OK, we do it three more time. One. One. One. Two. Two. No. One. One." He is called Ilya, and he is teaching me.

The Polish coach says many things, lots of them in foreign, and he is too busy to teach me.

Wal Mart is a pink and glittery Hannah Montana heaven!

Having asked for a "small, Japanese" car, I find myself attempting to drive Dodge's offering to the "car" market. This is Enterprise Rental's idea of a joke. Whoever designed it hated drivers, and probably passengers. Please, please, can I have a Toyota?

I wish I was back in California.
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