Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Tried out the new Pioneer decks live on air last night. (Thanks for the slot, Chris! ... and for driving the broadcast desk.) Periodically, random people would come in, go "oh shit, are you on air", and bugger off again. It was quite funny.

It was also much fun. I had a couple of slips. I know I can sync on vocals or leading edges, or whatever, even when there isn't a beat. I did it perfectly 20 times in a row when I was planning. But being live on air meant that I had a tendency to tweak things just a tiny bit more, and this was wrong. I guess next time I'll just be a bit less zealous, work the levels a bit better for samples (perhaps even use a proper sampler?), and it'll be fine.

I bounced all the way home (at 1am).

Wanted: More Pioneer turntables. More CDs. More places to play.

Today I'm back to default state of "world hates me".
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