Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I now have a Pioneer CMX3000 player and a Behringer DX1000 mixer. I wish I had another one so I could properly remix and do noise stuff (need 4 decks). If anyone gets rid of a double-deck rackmount player, please let me know. Any low end Denon should do the job.

I tend to crash things. I have successfully glitched the CD player. The cue button occasionally stops working until I put it into seek mode. It's one of those glitches that once you've learned about it, you can live with it; nearly every piece of kit has one. My phone has loads. Even my TV has glitches. I suspect most people just don't notice them. Having said that, the player is a very nice piece of equipment. Really good stuff includes pitch-independent respeed, realtime recue, looping and being able to save loops to hotstarts. Stuff I didn't like included:

  • The speed of the high-speed seek should be proportional to how fast I move the turntable.
  • The high speed track select should be a little less high speed.
  • Discs and the hotstarts should load a LOT faster, preferably without human intervention.
  • Cue should not block while loading a track.
  • It should behave a bit more sensibly about when it goes into cue mode, perhaps a threshold on turntable movement.
  • Cue should behave as 'stop' when not in autocue mode. (I think this is the source of the 'cue' bug.)

The mixer is sufficiently versatile to be useful (5 assignable stereo channels), but it's 8U, which is a bit of a pain. I spent about an hour tonight adjusting all the bits marked "do not adjust, we really mean it" so all the curves are right for me. Now I just have to work out where to put an 8U mixer.
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