Shevek (shevek) wrote,

My advanced driving lesson today went well. The examiner questioned my will to continue, apparently because I questioned his doctrine, something which has never happened before. I explained thus: If my previous driving instructor was adamant that his way was correct, and my current driving instructor is equally adamant about his technique, and furthermore, neither the basic technique will pass the advanced test, nor vice versa, then some justification for the mantra is required in order to decide what is correct. Driving shouldn't be a matter of religious technique. Every action should have a clear and supportable justification, and I want to know what they are, especially if they contradict a previous teaching.

For example, as a cyclist, I always look over my shoulder, rather than just in a mirror, before pulling across. I do the same in a car. My basic driving instructor told me that this was unnecessary, my advanced driving instructor tells me that it is required.

As another example, the mantra states that indicators are used "one second per ten miles an hour of speed" in advance of an intended manoeuvre. However, on one occasion, I noted, "If I indicate now, the driver behind will think I'm turning into the petrol station before the junction." This is very common in London. However, I'm not taking my test in London, so I've resolved not to drive like a Londoner (or worse, an Israeli or Californian) for the duration.

On the whole, I'm very happy with the process, and will continue, and I hope we settle down into a good relationship, even if I wish it were a little more discursive at times. Anyway, I don't remember mantra. I remember reason and purpose. I can memorize entire manuals, but not short poems. On the upside, my driving is apparently "acceptable" (the complaints of my passengers notwithstanding), and will improve.


As a dyslexic person, I find I don't always write left-to-right. Sometimes, I fill in letters I missed in the first pass, and it turns out fine. My (slightly befuzzled) brain just did the same thing for typing, except I can't type letters where they needed to go, the computer always puts them at the end, so the letters in each word came out in semi-random order.
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