Shevek (shevek) wrote,

*tired bounce*

I've not even written about Discworld convention yet. In very brief summary, a lot of it looked (and felt) like this, and by saturday, there were about 10 layers of white leccy on the desk, but I got some valuable time to relax on Sunday. There was a lot to do, the tech crew were stunning and always picked up the ball and ran with it whenever I got exhausted (or simply went AWOL). I wrote a detailed note of thanks to the main dwcon list. I'm not sure that all the tech participants are on that list, but I'm not sure where else to post it.

Today I got home from bicon in about 3 hours, with a short stop to sleep in a service station. I bribed housemates with curry to help me unload, everything's now against the wall in the living room, waiting for Sundown, which should require the same (reduced) kit, possibly with some extra DSP just-in-case. I really do need to get some lighting stands for my speakers though.

I appreciated the positive feedback about the sound, especially from those people who have interesting or unusual hearing, but I also wish barakta and I had had time to do some experiments. I have some idea of what the DSP in a modern hearing aid does and why it reacts badly to some sounds, but I don't really know the latest details.
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