Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Over the last few sessions of training, I've felt a curious sense of understanding of the fight. It's as if everything I've been working on has gone into the subconscious and I can spend time thinking at the next level. I don't have to spend so much time reading whether my opponent is attacking, which way their blade went, and so forth because some part of me is dealing with it automatically.

I can almost stand back from the fight, play and experiment at a higher level, and in training against intermediates, this means I can pick and choose the opportunities to attack or counter almost lazily, based on what I want to work on that day; I'm not always kept busy with dealing with the situation.

Of course, I still suck mightily!

Tonight I had a classic pommel vs pistol fight. Gerry says I'm far more patient than he is, which was to my advantage. After catching a few wrists on the counter-attack, my opponent was reluctant to commit his arm, and the fight tilted just enough in my direction to give the victory.

I've learned that I need another meal at this time of night. It's a great inconvenience, but I generally treat eating as an inconvenience. I need to make more quick food, like sashimi, which is what I've been eating for the last couple of days.

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