Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Some sort of insight into the geek:

I have one Formula Sound FSM600 mixer, which I love. It had one intermittently bad card, so I bought another purportedly working FSM600 for spares. The new one also had one very slightly dodgy card, and I've taken one working card out, leaving it with two suspect cards, but I shouldn't care, because I only bought it for spares. It was ALWAYS going to be spares. But now I find myself considering repairing the two bad cards, so I have two working FSM600s.


I don't have a use for it even if I DO repair it. The alternative is to mail these two cards back to Formula Sound, who give me the impression they will fix them as a matter of pride in their hardware. Does anyone want it, either pre- or post-repair?
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