Shevek (shevek) wrote,

When I updated to BlueZ 3.32, I could send from my laptop to my phone but not vice versa. The solution is here:

Current major annoyances in my life involve:

  • My CD player has cost over 200 quid to fix.
  • I'm still one hard disk down.
  • An attempt to test my broken hard drive has merely shown me that my entire spare computer isn't working.
  • Haven't even had time to fix the broken channel on my DJ desk yet.
  • ATI's Catalyst 8.5x is broken as hell, much as was any earlier version, but differently, and apparently worse.
  • My intermittent monitor is apparently broken, so I need to buy a new one.
  • The lack of a working monitor is giving me back and shoulder pain again.
  • My place is still a mess, and this makes me uncomfortable.
  • Panicking about tech plans for dwcon.
  • Just waiting for anything else to break, and slightly frustated.

The good news:

  • I've sent the CD player to a repair shop, so at least it gets done.
  • Behringer have issued an RMA for my broken EQ.
  • Costume for dwcon is promising and exciting.
  • I'm fencing fairly well.
  • I went swimming tonight.

Notably, I'm still not unhappy in the old sense, and I'm pretty resolute, and working my way through things, but I do want a break from all this unnecessary rubbish.
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