Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Mashed was excellent, the BBC had clearly thought about what they could improve from last year, and they'd improved it. I think organisationally, the only thing I'd have added was something non-sugary on the food stand. One can't live off chocolate and crisps and donuts for two days, some peanut butter cookies would have been for the win.

I did a video interview with O'Reilly about TechAdventure, I've got a lot of followup to do still, even at this late stage. Since the event is looking about the right shape, I've already been asked about putting a bit more organisation around it and running it in future years. We'll have to find out this Saturday which bits work and which don't.

I also discovered Werewolf, which I loved playing, although sometimes I suspected the other players would lynch anyone who grinned. Ian got eaten in the second round, which meant he survived one, apparently close to a record. I got eaten about two rounds later, but then the seer found the werewolf. I think many more games will have to be played.

Someone's left me two large boxes of table-puzzles for TechAdventure. Now I just need to find more tables.
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