Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Convention overload!

The big ones:

Discworld Convention. They asked for volunteers to step forwards and everyone else stepped backwards, so I now appear to be in charge of tech. I'm having a wonderful time with it, it's coming together much more easily than I thought it would. I'm still exploring where the line between backstage (physical) and tech (electrical) lies, because I'm used to being told "run event" on a smaller scale, and just doing what needs doing. Working with a budget makes life much simpler, although I'm also coming to realise that actually I can put on a fair sized production without, just using my own kit, which will feature FOH at DW because it's portable, powerful and I'm familiar with it.

TechAdventure. Stuff keeps coming in and I really haven't had enough time to process it. I don't know whether to panic about space or not, but I'm sure it'll work fine. After all, it did last time, even if that was 5 years ago. I really need to do some big publicity runs this week, but Discworld has sapped my non-work time for a few days.

Two small gigs this week are easily done. I think I have the model about right now, I've been building custom flight cases so that everything is self-contained, and there are the minimum number of connections between cases and the world. When I get the flight cases talking to each other using digital, each one will require one XLR/fibre in, one XLR/fibre out and power. I'm still waiting on a case for the 328, but that won't be long.

I've been experimenting quite successfully with configurations of my general purpose DEQs, and I've managed to synthesize almost everything I need from crossovers to a multi-tap delay. This is nice because it means I can do small gigs with 5U of outboards, and I'm quite sure I could manage with 2U, and I don't have to own a whole slew of kit. I'm running the whole chain of DEQs off a single ADC so they all see the same bitstream.

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