Shevek (shevek) wrote,

For sale: Soundcraft Spirit FX16 analogue mixer, with extras and outboards. It's a beautiful 16-channel analogue mixer, in very good condition, accident and idiot proof due to excessive headroom, and overall a joy to use. The built-in Lexicon is the most believable effects unit I own, I wish I could take that board out and keep it. Almost any setting produces something useful and listenable. Overall, the desk is compact enough to fit in a corner or rack, or take to gigs, but large enough to do significant work, and has dedicated direct outs for live recording or studio work. No scratches, no missing knobs, fits in a 19" rack, and rack wings are included.

Please make a lowish three-figure offer, and I'll drop it off or you can pick it up. If you're unsure, come and listen to it, and be convinced. I have a couple of banks of analogue outboards and stuff I can throw in if you want them. Sale due to excessive upgrade.
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