Shevek (shevek) wrote,

An Adventure in Technology

So, I'm still abroad, but I've been busy organising:

I'm having a party on the 28th June in Bristol called "An Adventure in Technology". It's half organised, half random, and it's going to include music, gaming, graphics, robotics, bring-a-problem, solve-a-problem, amateur radio,video and TV, and just about everything under the sun that's technical and fun. There will also be some very deep tech sessions on one side, on topics including security, politics and high performance computing.

The organised part of the programme is only just appearing - the far more interesting part of the last event was just seeing what people brought on the day, and what people built. I'll be adding speakers' topics as I receive them, but again, many of them won't be known until the day. We're making sure there's a lot more space for ad-hoc projects than the last time, and also that there's a bar!

See techadventure for more details, and please join in with ideas in that community. It's moderated, but if you post a programme session, one of the moderators will approve it and add it to the programme.

Have fun!

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