Shevek (shevek) wrote,

The Russian rewired my blade today, without even having an epee wire, in about two minutes flat. I learned some new words as he was doing so, but I won't type them here. "Tomorrow", he said ,and jammed it in a bookcase to dry. I don't doubt him for a minute. I fenced much better today than Friday, and I'm very happy. Friday was something of a dead loss. It's all to do with making I take the fight to the opponent, rather than letting it come to me, which is entirely in the mind. V reacted very nervously to a sustained threat, and basically lost because of it, whereas on Friday, when I didn't have the mental energy to keep it up, he just attacked into me and won because I wasn't threatening him.

Other stuff that's happened... urk. Also, fear! But I'm happy.
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