Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Woken up at 3am, sounds like we're into a storm. This is still the overture, it's been thundering tremendously for 30 minutes now, and flashing with lightning. R and I just ran around outside in the first droplets, making sure that everything is under shelter and fixed down. The dogs are cowering under chairs in darkened corners of the house, and the cat is hiding. And just as I write this, the steady patter of heavy warning droplets becomes the thrumm of rain, a wash from the skies, heavier and heavier, swelling into the main theme of the storm. The thunder crashes louder than ever, but now the noise of the rain subdues all else.

I can only imagine the sound outside, every time I think the storm has arrived, it doubles in intensity. I am sleeping on the floor in the lower part of the bungalow, should I go up the step into the kitchen? Will the power hold?

And almost as suddenly as the force arrived, it is gone, and the gurgling of water draining away replaces even the soft sound of raindrops on the roof. There is still thunder, but by now it is somebody else's thunder, up in the hills or over the border. The cat meows plaintively, she weathered the storm outside and must be coaxed inside. L wakes up and says, "It's slightly damp out there." in an unmistakably Scottish accent. A car splashes past.

I am going back to sleep. In the ten minutes it took to type this, it is over.
Tags: writing
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